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The Top Ten Smoking Guns of 911


Smoking Gun #1

We will begin with the very interesting quote "The process of [military] transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." Project for a New American Century.

So right away, we can see 911 falls well within the "necessary event" needed for military transformation and was actually welcomed by our government as they mention they needed a new "Pearl Harbor" above long before 911. 911 in and of itself is one big smoking gun, but I will break it down into pieces we can all follow and understand. I have tried to present both sides however, admit I am what most people consider a conspiracy theorist and recommend you all do your own research for things you may find questionable or differ in opinion. I just ask you to keep an open mind, if that is possible.


The first of our smoking guns is that "true stories do not need to be changed or revised"! To a policeman, this would make them instantly suspicious and probably provide enough proof of guilt for an arrest or warrant. What do we know as the official story? What has been provided for the American people as the official story? "The 911 Commission Report ". However this has changed after people rejected some of their findings and was replaced with "The Official 911 Report, the executive summary"," Revised ". It was revised three times.

Smoking Gun #2

The demolition of building #7 and the Bush administrations failure to consider explosives as the reason for the total collapse of WTC 1 & 2! On 911 WTC building 7 that collapsed at approx 5:00 p.m. that day was never hit by planes! It came down just like WTC 1 and 2 and within 7 seconds it too was gone. They refused the idea that explosives MIGHT HAVE BEEN used on 911 to bring the buildings down. Kind of weird when news channels had reports of many eyewitnesses who heard, saw and felt multiple explosions.

Smoking Gun #2 comes from the owner of WTC Larry Silverstein who filed an insurance claim for all the WTC Buildings and during this statement said that the fire department decided that the fires were so bad (this is first lie, as it only had fires on 2 floors and they were not that large) they decided to "pull it"! (This is the 2nd lie as fireman did not pull the building and even if they planned on pulling it (which they didn't) they would have cleared the entire area first and gave occupants ample warning to remove belongings and other important items well before the actual pull date) Pulling a building is a term used for "building demolitions".

In fact, the only thing Silverstein did not lie about was that the building was definitely a demolition. It had been brought down just like the twin towers were~ demolition style. Larry Silverstein obviously knows who is responsible. He is one of them. Anyone who watched those towers fall that day, I think, knew that it was a demolition right away (most of us have all seen the Vegas building demolished on television) and we knew it looked very similar to that.

Smoking Gun #3

We also know there was seismic activity which confirmed that two large explosions took place 10 seconds before each of the towers fell. Smoking gun #3 was prudent evidence shown here revealing molten steel that burned hot for several weeks after the WTC buildings fell. There is a very popular video on you tube that shows a Fireman in New York City talking about floors popping out like a building demolition. Anyone who did not think explosives were used is either in "total denial," "truly idiotic," or "the ones lying to us." We have known from scholars and engineers that are in the truth movement that the WTC Buildings were demolished from the beginning.

Smoking Gun #4

These are some of the questions that have NEVER been answered. The 911 commission does not even mention building 7 in their "report"! How can this supposedly "impartial" commission (Another lie to the American people) just leave out these very important questions?

Maybe because the head of this commission was the infamous Phillip Zelicow , a man who was asked to resign from two independent 911 groups (put together by family members of deceased loved ones) He also authored a book called "Germany Unified and Europe Transformed " with none other than Condoleezza Rice in addition, is considered to have conflicts of interest from both independent commissions.

Then again, maybe it's because the media never really showed building 7 collapsing in the first place. This is when matters get worse! This administration actually believed now, (because they have been doing it repeatedly for so long), that they could say what happened! Moreover, what did not happen! And that then, it would become true! Although a lot of what this administration has tried to do has been effective. They knew if they only aired WTC 1 and 2 falling, and people (that were not engineers or scholars) saw the planes hit them and then the buildings fall that most of us would believe that planes could cause enough damage from their fires to cause the collapse of the buildings.

What people did not know was that this was and still is totally and undeniably false information. Information like this has been fed to the American people repeatedly by this administration. What they did not account for was the internet being as effective as it has been for people finding out information on their own! That is when the first rumors of charging for emails came around. They probably will put that in to effect eventually, I would imagine! However, it is only because of the internet that we have uncovered this administrations obvious cover-up!

Smoking Gun #4 was part of that cover-up, as the evidence from WTC Buildings was removed immediately and shipped off to Japan to be melted down. (Usually it is a federal offence to remove evidence from any crime scene, especially a world disaster as large as this one!)

You know, even if you DO believe things happened in the way they say it did:

  1. That means you are supposed to believe:
  2. That our entire system of checks and balances malfunctioned!
  3. That as powerful as we are, planes would have been able penetrate our airspace; fly around for over an hour and hit 90% of their targets without some help on the inside!
  4. That NORAD would be completely incompetent that morning! (When they never have been before 911)!

So, we are supposed to believe it is just a coincidence that none of our planes were around our airspace at the time. That the Pentagon through no fault of our own (the most highly protected building in the world with its own missile silo on top of the building) would just happen to have its billion dollar defense system off that day!

That top officials would cancel their flights that day for no apparent reason and with no threat or warning issued!

Finally, that the war President Bush and Dick Cheney have been itching for from day one would coincidently end up being the conclusion of everything. (Although there have been more lies told before getting the approval, blank check, and backing of the American people, 911 is the basis for everything).

So, basically we are supposed to believe the entire government of the United States was negligent every step of the way through 911! Again this in and of itself is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Unbelievable! And not the America we live in! The United States military forces are the greatest in the entire world! There are no mistakes! I do not accept this as a truly logical explanation! It has so many fallacies and failures of critical and logical reasoning through a simple analysis of any semi-intelligent person!

Smoking Gun #5

This brings us to the "unfortunate chain of events" that left our US skies "fully unprotected" the morning of 911!

Smoking gun #5 is the visas issued to these hi-jackers by none other than our own US government! Mindy Kleinberg tells us some of these applications when asked for their destination had left the space blank or simply wrote "California" with no University specified. One of them even wrote "no"! Why is it that they could know about these men on 9/11, and at the same time convince us that they knew nothing about it! They actually write in the 911 Commission Report that they found one of the hi-jackers visas that was supposed to be on a plane on ground zero at the wtc (yes, after) and expect us to believe that! This administration explanations of "lucky breaks for the hi-jackers," is UNACCEPTABLE! Not to mention UNPROBABLE and very close to IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS it was an "inside job"!

Smoking Gun #6

Many distractions and deflections were problematic for NORAD who, up until that day, had a perfect track record and had already scrambled jets 128 times that year with swift and expedient response times! There were drills running that morning that aided the terrorists and helped facilitate a successful attack more than anything else did: "Vigilant Warrior" and "Vigilant Guardian", plus two or three more that had (according to air traffic controllers) caused "false blips" on their radar screens and aided in the successful attack against our country.

This not only confused them, but had NORAD Officials second-guessing the ugliness they were starting to see that morning as well. Smoking Gun #6 came when we learned of "Vigilant Warrior" a drill that simulated what was actually taking place! Hi-Jackers taking over our Airlines in our own skies in NYC and attacking the WTC Towers!

Wow, that is a big smoking gun when you consider how many times we were told

  1. "no one could have ever imagined," or
  2. "there had been no warning signs," or how
  3. "no one could have foreseen..." and we were definitely
  4. "Not warned!"

How could you have not known when you were running that exact drill? The same thing happened in London just before 911. Drills that were supposed to be simulation had to go live that day also.

This brings right into our next

Smoking Gun #7

Condoleezza Rice's testimony admitting to: Smoking Gun #7 A memo given to the President titled: "Bin Laden Determined to Attack inside the United States!" Notice it does not say "Saddam Hussein!" Yet, we cannot seem to catch Bin Laden (a man known to be on dialysis and said to be a long time friend of the Bush family)! Are we checking nearby hospitals? Funny how the people are not even asking about him anymore! That is another question this administration avoids like the plague!

Smoking Gun #8

There was a lot of confusion and disturbing tones there that morning. Whenever we normally have someone go off course or lose contact with our air traffic controllers there are 3 or 4 fighter jets instantly escorting you on each side in front and behind your plane. (remember this later) We know from the news that Bush had been told about the WTC's being hit for the first time when he was in the Florida classroom. Right?

However, US Secret Services normal protocol (told to us from ex-secret service officials) would immediately begin by rushing him to safety! This is not what happened! Instead, I give you:

Smoking Gun #8 Bush and his agents remain in the Florida classroom there another 30 minutes even though the President could very well have been a target! First, there are children with you Bush!

You may be a target!

Get the hell out of a classroom filled with children!

That is, unless you were told to "just stay there until everything is all over". So, this way when NORAD Officials (North American Aerospace Defense Command) answer to their "new protocols" (Cheney had revised just 3 weeks earlier) stating that no one except "The Commander and Chief" or "him" could issue the go ahead to shoot the hi-jacked airliners down! It would be extremely difficult to do this if neither the president nor the vice president were available during that time!

Smoking Gun #9

FEMA took part in one a military drill also the day before which caused them to relocate to New York and so, immediately following WTC disaster they coincidentally were already there and ready to jump into action, Another unbelievable coincidence however, this is Smoking Gun #9 as this proves that our government had been prepared for this attack on 9/10/2001!

My Own Theory

Listen to the audio tape recordings from NORAD that morning. Pay close attention to the first statement about "whether this is real time or a drill?" My own theory is that the passenger planes were shot down by our own military thinking that the planes were fake or part of the drills they were running. If you listen to the tapes the controllers say they "lost the planes from their radar screen", which should indicate to everyone that they were already down! They do not say they saw them heading toward the towers!

Smoking Gun #10

The planes that did hit the towers were on the cover of Newsweek and to me do not look like a commercial jet (definitely not United or any known US Airlines colors), and if you see this website of one of the original designs of the WTC Buildings under the section "Destructive Missile," you will see it is listed as a 767 Boeing that hit the WTC buildings Look again at the plane here! They also say that the plane was traveling 500 mph, and that, that is 200 mph faster than passenger jets are allowed to fly at that altitude. The second plane was going 600 mph.

Not only do news helicopters actually beat our air defenses to the WTC towers; they show us something very important.

On Eyewitness News you can see a missile falling right near their logo on bottom right side of screen. It falls at a much steeper angle than the debris and it is moving 7 times faster. That would be illogical if it really was a commercial jet, but if you knew that without doing this the airlines may have crashed in to the building but they never would have crashed through the building then you had better not make it a commercial jet.

Again though, unless you are an engineer or scholar, you probably would miss this and mistake it as a "possibility". It is not!

In addition, if it is not a commercial jet then we have another blatant lie exposed and we have to ask ourselves: "Is it possible that the commercial jet could have been destroyed over the ocean and become part of the drills already running at NORAD?"

The other drill, "Vigilant Guardian" had most of our fighter, jets all relocated to Canada. In fact, we had only 3 fighter jets protecting our US skies that morning! Supposedly, we sent them in the wrong direction and they ended up being further away then when they took off when the final plane hit the Pentagon.

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