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A Golden Signature on a Death Warrant

July 28, 2009

Please Mr. Governor, set us free! Does anybody out there, besides me, realize that we have done over 500 executions of criminals in our prisons? What is it that made us go from hippie happy days to vigilante terrorists? All of us lined up to see the shed of blood of our "so well deserving" junkie neighbors. "Slam them In Jail, and show no remorse Mr. Governor,"
Someone cries!

It has now become "the norm" to stand in the dark corners of some unsuspecting "Weird" neighbors yard with our night vision binoculars and "little Tommy's spy kit" and then aim our miss at their windows Eavesdropping on whomever does not seem to meet our own requirements of "fitting in". Then write it off as not a "peeping tom" (that would be illegal), but rather as community service.

You know if you just stood back for a moment and realized that the whole "drug free campaign" Is that and only that. Some political slop thrown on the table for society to gobble down so that when we cannot breathe anymore we will be unable to acknowledge what exactly suffocated our rights, until they are out of existence.

There are 1.2 million...

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Obama Rap

July 28, 2009

I'm bout to watch Countdown, cuz Kieth really gets down on the G.O.P. He pounds the republicans down for free. I now found it's the only news for me. Palin's talkin non-sense in her pantyhose. It's like she just brings in all the true psychos. Then she crumbles and stumbles throwin words in the air. It never matters how they come out cuz the sense ain't there. And she ain't sayin anything we understand, she's never planned for much of anything but takes a stand for anything that plays to the republican base. You know the type, the ones who always bring up race. Doesn't matter if your name is Sotomayor or Obama, whatever keeps our paper full of Jackson drama may keep the base from playin all this racist-rama.

If Palin wasn't bad enough, there's Joe the Plumber. Hey. No way, this one they say is even dumber. Is McCain insane? Is this a joke? I'm afraid not. Sarah was starting to choke. The G.O.P told the media to change the topic but anything about Obama, no one had to stop it. The profits from Ms. Palin just kept pourin in but it still seemed that Couric helped Obama...


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If I Were President

July 27, 2009

I have an abundance of awards and ribbons for almost every athletic activity. Running, Jumping, Sit-ups, and Pull-ups.

I have always been very political, but just never pursued the field because the people I would share my time with would end up being other politicians. However, in light of the situation at hand I feel this is a sacrifice easily adjusted and necessary to talk some humanity in to each and every one of them.

I am currently a returning Journalism Student at CSUN. I was born in Baltimore, MD and I am 40 years young. I do plan to write on many of the ethics of this new administration and do all I can to try and sway the minds of anyone still behind the ideas and behavior of this group, but not to the left or right, to the center of the common good of the nation.

I believe in the good people of America, and the greatness of our proud heroes. I know that we can overcome the damage of a corrupt administration through the deliverance of justice and the necessity of truth. There is always responsibly that comes with being an enormous power, but it is...


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Note to Obama: Lost Hope

July 24, 2009

I cannot believe in your promises any longer. The passing of the cap and trade laws in the house you have called a victory. A victory for who? We don't even know that the C02 emissions are a problem and in fact more scientists are coming forward now to say there is no proof it is the cause of global warming. The real problem is the industrialization taking place in the rainforests all over the world. “Clear cuts” is a term used by our paper industry that use equipment to flatten entire rainforests and remove trees that are as thick as a car is wide and as long as a skyscraper is tall. Activists that are willing to place their bodies in harms way to stop the trucks from reaching their destination are met by police officers that are only there to help enforce the industries right to destroy our homelands yet not to enforce our right to fight them with non-violent protest.

It does not take a Harvard or Yale degree to figure out that a civilization must be able to survive on renewable resources or it is not going to be a civilization very long. Common sense should...


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Fear Policy Jam

July 24, 2009

Our democracy has inaugurated pirates to repeat past mistakes we have already learned. The streets of New York have been used like its playground to blame for the evil when the tables are turned. The first phase of their powers took just a few hours, Bush sat in the schoolhouse while our towers burned. Then remained through the danger, as if nothing seemed stranger, to remain with the children after what he had learned.

In just a short while, and in a demolition style, our towers imploded and the story commenced.  We were told from Osama, but all through the drama, he remains free but we watched Hussein Lynched.

The lies have exploded, our policies corroded, each word that you speak is senseless and untrue. Your only true policy is fear of democracy, as you re-write what we stand for according to you. You are paying off media, outlets and reporters, to withhold anything that has its own view.  We ask for a reason, your acts become treason, stating we would agree, “If we knew what you knew”.

War crimes are committed, torture is now admitted, and the commanders now face a brand new challenge. With no Geneva convention, it...


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Obama's advisors says no prosecutions war crimes!

January 27, 2009

An Obama adviser made it clear that Obama would not be prosecuting any of Bush's officials for their crimes.

Actually they said he would only prosecute the most egregious crimes, but in my opinion any crime committed by top officials in this country is an egregious crime.
My question is this...Do you think this sends the message that the Obama administration would just be picking up where the Bush administration left off?

I was expecting more from Obama than this. I am very bothered by this statement. We need a president to come in and say NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAWS OF THIS LAND. Then take a stand on the crimes that this administration has been guilty of committing and even passing down the chain of command the famous "torture memos" as the "new policies of the United States of America."
If the next president does not come in and immediately denounce this type of behavior in our government it will only allow for more of the same in the future. And this is no future I want to see. An America without freedom, under military rule is certainly headed our way if we don't stop this now!

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Anyone read the list of pork?

September 27, 2008

Anyone Read The List of Pork?

in the "rescue" Bill

  • 10 months ago

Worldnbw Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

This bail-out is just what it looks like; The biggest heist in American history since 9/11/2001. Plus the same amount of rhetoric by the Bush administration to hurry up and push through or else. But no one even promises that this will actually fix the problem.

I know there is one thing that all Americans can agree on...Treasure Secretary Paulson should be fired without bonuses along with every other CEO that was involved in lifting regulations and restrictions on these bank loans.

This bail-out does not help the people stay in their homes.

It includes tax breaks for: rum producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands; producers of wooden arrows used for children's toys; film and television producers; Indian tribes; railroads; "Domestic Production Activities" in Puerto Rico; and auto-racing tracks.

What a joke!



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5 out of 5
Asker's Comment:
Ken Lay was indicted for cooking the books at Enron. So what is the difference at Mac and Mae except they paid off politicians as well as themselves. Gorlock, Johnson and Raines should all be indicted.

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What mistakes can be reversed that Bush has made during his presidency?

July 27, 2008

The American people have been used and manipulated into this war for believing sources of information (media and newspapers) were revealing the truth to them about the situation. We later learned that they did not tell us the truth, they were lying about the WMD's and the threats were inflated to scare us into war. They also suppressed the truth of 911 as this would be key to them getting us involved ion the invasion of Iraq!

Washington insiders have long learned how to PLAY the propaganda in order to sway Americans views about what happened on 911, about who was behind it, and push us all during a time when we were most vulnerable toward fear (after the three world trade centers imploded) and send us running swiftly into a war we normally would have had nothing to do with.

You ask what the spark will be. It will not be one spark. It will be a variety of sparks that start from the same source of power and leak out to billions of newswire s simultaneously.

You must look to other sources outside of mainstream media for your news and information in order to make the right decisions...


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Bush Passes Hitler Directive

June 20, 2008

Bush Passes Hitler Directive

On May 09, 2007, President Bush passed Directive 51 without so much as a press conference. This directive is the same as the one passed by Hitler prior to him becoming the dictator of Germany.

It basically says that if Bush declares a National emergency for the United States (which is also a very broad definition) he can immediately take over power for all 3 branches (legislative, judicial and executive), which is by definition a dictatorship.

Again, without notification, discussion or even a press conference President Bush slipped this directive through and bypassed any media coverage once again on his hidden agenda.

It amazes me how he continues to get away with undermining the United States at every turn. Every mischievious act followed by another gray area until it becomes impossible to keep up with.

The real question is why after 7 years? Does he know something we do not? Is something headed our way? Personally, I believe his Majesty does not want to leave the White House. He has already discussed changing the law that limits the presidential term to 8 years and extend it.

The scarriest part is that it is hard to know...


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Switching the Blame for Iraq

June 17, 2008

Media Spotlight

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching (National)
As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound

When you read this article you will certainly notice the professionalism and maturity of the writer in general. This is an article that is compelling, and grips you from start to finish, so the style of the reading is written extremely well. My criticism is when you look at the article in its entirety and see the content of the writing actually concludes a subliminal message to the readers. This article takes the problems this administration has been having from failed policy and an unpopular war and writes about people whom have already left the white house that are admitting to their choices being the reason we are in this situation. In other words, the article takes the blame off the white house and sends much of it to people who are no longer there.

For example Wehner mentions that they believed there were weapons of mass destruction, so the arguments to go to war were noble but, “The fact that it didn’t go so well is something you live with”.

We also hear about White House Advisor Megan Sullivan who became a deputy national...


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