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Bias Mainstream Media

Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to use other sources for their news and information besides mainstream media.

There is a video called Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land that may help you understand and Learn what is really going on that the media is not telling us! It is very enlightening and a must see for every patriotic american.

Regulations Were Lifted

Before 1999, there were regulations prohibiting owners from buying numerous radio, television stations, newspapers, and magazines: digest 301-311.
However, the 1999 telecommunications act that passed eliminated these vital regulations. Without these restrictions we are narrowing the newsroom views, and tying a nuce on the throats of our reporters so they can only speak in unison or when spoken to. This is the way today's media looks!
Only a handful of companies have power over the media and are controlling what the world sees and hears

There are many negative influences that big corporations have on our media.

These regulations were in place to keep the diversity within our news and information. Conglomerate owned media has too much advertising power over the people and an enormous influence on public opinion in our society.

For example: Think about how Johnny Cochran got OJ off the murder charges against him with a simple statement to the press "If it doesn’t fit, you must equit". Our media influences our decisions, like it or not. This means that the newsrooms that are tied to the opinionated Republican Rupert Murdock, like Fox News, are now not only conservative, but fully right wing only. It is a bias news channel and politically motivated to spread only thier own views and policies of the government’s propaganda.


Although Fox News came out and publicly apologized for its terrible mistake, on some small channel and hidden network, very briefly. What good does that do anyway, it shouldn’t have ever happened to begin with.


Meet Young Ruppert Murdock!

He is the owner and founder of Fox News.  Here is a little background information about his life.

What we need to do is cut their air time during the next election; let that be a statement of having a mistake like that happen in your newsroom.

First, we need to set new guidelines for our reporters, like by making a certain line of questioning mandatory. Then hold our networks responsible for news reports that do not follow the guidelines we set.

  • Most effectively by imposing steep fines.

  • If necessary pulling their air time

  • Multiple offenses could even Ban them from ever reporting news completely under any name or network in the future.

Before that happens though more people need to participate in making a difference. Most people don’t even know that any group of citizens can go to any editor and demand things.

  • This not only gets results immediately

  • It allows the people to be able to share thier thoughts on issues

  • Plus, it lets the media know we ARE watching and WE WELCOME AND DEMAND change.

Our government has been passing acts based on a war of lies. The Patriot act slaughters our bill of rights all in one fatal swoop. All of it is said to be for "terrorists" in our country. The US has ordered 450,000 new beds for our jails. Are there 450,000 terrorists in our country?

An ex-member of parliament had put this in perspective in the Video, "Murdocks War on Journalism", "you cannot have any witnesses when you have a war based on lies". This is why the US is marking territories as "no reporting zones." They even tried calling Fallujeh a "no reporting zone" but a few videos slipped through like the one titled "Fallujeh, the hidden massacre". (º Renucci 24:34 It contains an interview with two US ex military men. The first soldier, a sniper, was asked if he targeted civilians. He said "yes, on a daily basis". The other soldier admits his personal involvement in a project called "Phantom Fury" (very appropriate name) in Fallujeh saying that there were many times commanders issued warnings over radio communications before dropping "whisky Pete". This is a military slang for napalm, although now it is called MK77, the effects of it are the same. Here are the dramatic pictures of the people killed by MK77 by our US soldiers.

Meet Today's Murdock!

  • Today Murdock Owns
  • 9 Satellite Networks
  • 100 Cable Channels
  • 175 Newspapers
  • 40 Book Imprints
  • 40 Television Stations
  • 1 Movie Studio
  • This Allows Him To Reach
  • US Television Networks:
  • 280 Million People
  • Asian Satellite Network: 
  • 300 Million People
  • Cable Channels:            
  • 200 Million Homes
  • Magazines:                     
  • 28 Million People
  • Total Audience: 
  • 4.7 Billion People
  • or
  • 3/4 of the Population of the Planet                  
  • You can see he inherited his first newspaper at a very young age and from there, there was no stopping him. He bought every type of media advertising available.

    Outfoxed 1:17:43

Napalm is not allowed anymore so it was given a new name: MK77

New polls taken in Fallujeh have shown that more people believe in violence now against American troops since the administrations attack, proving that efforts to liberate the country have failed miserably and only strengthened the resistance. (Hanley 14) Of course, when your country is attacked with a blatant disregard for human life, it portrays that country as a rogue nation, and you can no longer trust that country from there forward. So no democratic country would ever do that unless they had strong evidence against that country for its wrongdoing, and based their decision to go to war on intellectual reason and knowledge that had strong support from other countries or at the very least strong support from the people. Right? The thing is: Even if September 11th was justification for this attack, which I do not feel satisfied with any of the findings of the 9/11 commission, it still would not be acceptable to use chemical weapons on innocent women and children.

These pictures of this war, graphic or not should be published if nothing else than for the future history books, so we can provide pictures with our documentation of world news. We need to see images, so we can remember vividly the pictures in our mind, so we can know the full scope of what has happened or is still happening now. Maybe so we do not forget the events of the past easily