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Bloody September

Patrick Henry said: " We are apt to shut our eyes against the painful truth...Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not...? For my part whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth and to know it... now." " We are engaged in a struggle for liberty and truth right now, and the truth shall set you.......free.


Black smoke means the fire is running out of oxygen! Cool fire! About to go out! How do you go from cool to collapsed? Not only that! I bet these towers look a lot bigger than you thought they were huh?

Thats because the government released this pix of the skyline instead.
New York Skyline

This photo is very misleading as it does not show you just how3 large the twin towers actually are

Twin Towers

This is the photo that should have been used to give people the correct perception on the twin towers enormous size

There are lots of unresolved issues regarding September 11th. These issues will torment the few survivors and families everyday they remain unanswered. I stand by them all needing to be readdressed and answered with competance based on relevant information. They are haunting our democratic nation with there very existence. I am confident that if the people knew all of the conflicting evidence to the "Official 9/11 Report" they too would demand the answers to at least three.

My first question is "How did the twin towers collapse?"

We start with our government's claims: Two government agencies FEMA and NIST. endorsed the "pancake theory", which is defined in short as the mass of the overhanging part of the building simply crushing the part underneath, accelerating as it falls. Think for a minute, picture in your mind what you might expect that to look like. The floors are pancaking down, with a gradual acceleration, they finally stop. What would you expect to see? How long would it have taken? What would it have sounded like?

Did it look anything like this?


The building is clearly shooting debris up and outward away from the buildings interior, it is not just caving in upon itself and burying everything on the inside by collapsing upon itself.

Testimonies from witnesses say that they heard, saw or felt multiple explosions.

Paramedic Daniel Rivera said "[I]t was [like a] professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors" and then you hear it, bang bang, bang, bang, bang. (Riviera 1)

Check out this schematic of what UNOFFICIALLY DID happen!

Another firefighter, one of the first to arrive on the scene said "when we entered the lobby it looked like someone had put a plane through it" . They were told a fireball traveled through the elevator shaft. (Cassaliggi 1)

This is a report on seismic evidence and melted molten steel from 9/11. Proving that there were explosions on ground level floors before the collapse of the towers. [Bollyn 1]

Hundreds of witnesses interviewed said that explosions were felt on various levels of the buildings before and during the buildings collapsing.

After the ridiculous release of our governments official "9/11 Report", families were left with more questions than answers. They came out with a "pancake theory" as the reason for the building collapse. Many Scholars, Engineers and Scientists easily debunked this unlikely event. In fact, the release of this report only infuriated new york residents, and now made the families of loved ones that knew it was not plausible more angry than ever before. The editors of Fire Engineering Magazine even called the release "a half baked farce."( fire engineering 1 ).

Pyroclastic Flow

Scientists say there are only two ways to create this pyroclastic flow of smoke we see here. One is through volcanic activity and the other is with explosives.

Engineers immediately point out that the government is denying the very existence of 45 massive beams that stood at the center of each trade center. They further note that even if the "pancake theory" were true the walls would have fell around the beams which would have still remained standing in such a collapse.
Even the Standards of Technology denied the "pancake theory" as the reason for the WTC collapsing.

The Scientific Proof that explosives and not fire was the cause of the towers collapse has been explored and proven by many respected sources.

Matthys Levy and Matio Salvadorei, two structural engineers, even conclude in their book, " When buildings fall down: How structures fail " , that explosives were the only thing that could have caused complete structural failure for the twin towers and building 7, (shown below) that was never hit by planes. This is one frame per second. The whole building fell in less than 6 seconds. It was half the size of the towers.

They show us that squibs were present , which are puffs of smoke, these are a clear indication that pre positioned explosives were used to bring down the towers.
It is a fact that steel has a melting point of 2800º and that the kerosene from the aircraft, even FEMA admits, would have been burned off very quickly, and never got hotter than 500º.
They are many examples of other fires that were larger, hotter, and much longer lasting than those at the twin towers and not one of them had caused complete structural failure.

Madrid Remains

One example was on Feb. 1 2005, The Windsor, in Madrid, Spain, burned uncontrollably for 18 hours, reached temperatures of 2,000º. The charred tower remained standing with structure in tact.

The goal of controlled demolition is to use explosives to bring down a structure into its own footprints without any air resistance. Keeping in mind that that is exactly how these structures came down, it should have at least been a hypothesis for the 9/11 Commission to recognize and evaluate .


How can our government still deny that explosives were used to bring these towers down when we all saw tower 7 collapse at freefall speed with our own eyes and not even be hit by a plane?

We must ask "What did our government do, if anything, to stop it?"

Former LAPD officer, interviewed a NORAD official, and said that the official even gave him with written proof that "Vigilante Warrior" was in effect on the morning of Sept 11th 2001.

This is a "live fly exercise" involving terrorist's hi-jacking planes.

FAA was also doing at least 5 simulated training exercises

That produced false radar blips on the screens, confusing our air traffic controllers.
Left us with only 3 fighter jets to protect the U.S. Skies

What did we do with those last 3 fighter jets? We sent them in the wrong direction so that by the time the Pentagon was hit they were still 300 miles away. (Further then when they took off). ( Klienberg 1 )

The US also Issued 15 hi-jackers visas, based on incomplete forms.

Hi-Jackers were very unclear when asked what there destination was on these forms.

They had written simply "California" or "New York" with no school or university provided.( 2 )
One hi-jacker even put "no" in the destination box.( 2 )

Because we know that our government was aware of possible attacks against our country before September 11th, 2001, it surely seems to me they would have avoided causing any further confusions, made sure our skies were fully protected at all times, and kept a close watch for any terrorist possibly slipping in to our country. However, they didn't protect us, they even provided the opportunity for a successful attack with simulated exercises and drills that morning.

I know what you're thinking. You're asking if the government would possibly do this to us. So my last question is "Would the Government do this to us?"

We have to look at what happened in the days following 9/11 to answer that question.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Todd Whitman issued a statement in the EPA news release in 2001 proclaimed two days after the attack that "Disaster resources indicate that the water is safe to drink and the air is safe to breath" and "that there appears to be no significant levels of asbestos dust in the air in New York City". ( Stranahan 4 )

Pyroclastic Flow

This is another look at the air quality in New York City that morning. The air was tested by a private agency two days after the false report by whitman and was found to contain not only asbestoes but radio active debris and mercury. You tell me is this air safe to breath?

The problem with this blatant lie makes it clear to me that our government was doing nothing to protect our citizens or thier health.( 25 ).
The worst of all was that it was reported by ground zero workers that they were told not to wear respiratory gear as it might "scare the public".

This obviously resulted in many more now dying than was necessary from black lung decease, mercury on the brain and hundreds of respiratory problems.

If you have had the opportunity to see Farhenheit 9/11 -The truth and lies about September 11th you would know that the government immediately passed the "Patriot Act".

This Act is an attack on our Bill of Rights as it slaughters at least 4 of the amendments in one fatal sweep.

Our Search and Seizure Amendment.

It states that the FBI or CIA can enter your house without a warrant and remove things from it that they can later use to convict you of a crime.
Our Freedom of Speech Amendment.

It states that they can also enter your business and seize records from it, and you cannot tell anyone they have been there.
Our 5th Amendment.

John Ashcroft announced he will be allowing wiretaps of terrorists talking with their attorney to be used against them. This attorney / client privalage is supposed to be protected under this amendment.
Our 6th Amendment.

William Saffire has said they may be holding military tribunals in the US.

These trials will NOT require revealing evidence against them , because it could be a threat to national security.
Will NOT need to be made public knowledge.
Gives the government the authority to execute the terrorist without ever having a trial.

Like I said slaughters our bill of rights all in one act that sounds like if you vote against it your being unpatriotic. The tribunals are removing the 6th amendment. No longer any Representation. All of this shames the democratic oaths they all made and swore to protect. Our Bill of Rights has been thrown out and replaced with a new world order, military rule, a shameful dictatorship. WAKE UP AMERICA! PLEASE WAKE UP! PLEEEEAAAASSEE!

If there was a doubt before, it certainly speaks loud and clear as to whose side they are on now. God help us! For the fear, I shudder, to think of the road ahead! Could the government do this to us? YYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!

This information is from very reputable sources and are all included within the text, the statements are from policeman, firemen, engineers, scientists, scholars and demolition experts that know 3 things:

Fire did not cause these structures to fall!
Planes did not cause the collapse of the buildings!
Controlled demolition is the only explanation for the buildings complete structural failure.

After Larry Goldberg(owner of the WTC Buildings) told a reporter that controlled demolition was what brought down WTC building 7(never hit by planes). We should have immediately compared the buildings collapse with that of the twin towers. It is because we did not do that, and instead removed the steel from the site (usually a federal offense to remove evidence from a crime scene) that we should, as Americans, question the findings of the 9/11 commission.(9/11 revisited 1)
An uncontrollable fire caused Building 5 to burn everything with its walls.
All 7 WTC Buildings were damaged beyond repair on September 11th, 2001. DID ANYONE TELL YOU THAT?

I would like to include an additional Thank You to the following websites and to all websites dedicated to share the memories or knowledge regarding the 9/11 events :











I would hope that high treason and conspiracy to commit murder in our country would lead to the future indictments, removal from office, convictions and incarceration of the people involved. Because as of today no one is being held accountable for any mistakes that were made. When they do find out the truth, I suggest them all be given sentences of no less than 3000 lifetimes.

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Key Websites: A special thank you goes out to:








David R. Griffon.

And many more.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth so I could live my life awake.


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